Hands in Motion

A New World of Percussion

Gedreven door een passie voor ritmes en geluiden, heeft Hands in Motion een muzikaal laboratorium rond percussie opgezet.

Door akoestische instrumenten te combineren met elektronische effecten, produceren ze een slimme mix van organische geluiden en tijdloze sferen. Darbuka, gongs, kalimbas, riqq, doholla, bendirs, udu,... zijn enkele van de instrumenten die deel uitmaken van hun percussieve en melodische universum. Het resultaat is groovy soundscapes van trance-inducerende melodieën tot catchy beats.

Dawn, hun debuutalbum dat in 2022 uitkwam, markeert de eerste stap van hun unieke en voortdurend evoluerende artistieke reis.
Het kreeg meteen een enthousiaste reactie en gaf hen de kans om op te treden op het Belgische professionele showcase-evenementen Propulse en Belgian Worldwide Music Night.

“The trio includes three of the top percussionists in Belgium […] their music is a rich world of stimulating transglobal rhythms and transfixing sounds” – World Music Central


‘DAWN’ AVAILABLE CD/LP/Digital (Zephyrus Records)

Simon Leleux

Simon Leleux is a Belgium-based percussionist specialising in doholla, darbuka and other Arab and Middle Eastern percussion instruments and styles.

Having trained with masters such as Ahmet Misirli, Zohar Fresco, Pedram Khavarzamini, Madjid Khaladj, Niti Ranjan Biswas and Azzedine Jazouli, Simon has focused on studying the doholla (bass darbuka) since 2014 with the musician who broke new ground with this instrument, Levent Yildirim. Following Yildirim’s philosophy, Simon’s work with doholla has lead him to a soloistic and melodic approach to the instrument.

He released his first solo album (‘Letter to Levent’) in 2021 and is a founding member of two other projects, Hands in Motion and Auster Loo. Simon has also had the privilege of sharing the stage with many other celebrated artists including Fabrizio Cassol, Kudsi Erguner, Ross Daly, Ibrahim Maalouf, Khaled Alhafez, Tcha Limberger, Claron McFadden, Ugur Önür and Ghalia Benali.

Robbe Kieckens

Trained in the rhythms of Ottoman classical music (usul) with Fahrettin Yarkin, Robbe Kieckens has also studied various instruments and cultures that that define his style of playing, from flamenco to Arabic and Persian percussion, including West African music. He masters a very wide range of instruments including frame drums, cajon, congas, tombak, darbuka, udu, riq, calabash, djembe and dunums. Robbe is a founding member of the Lamekan Ensemble and has performed with Compro Oro and Myrddin De Cauter. He teaches bendir, riqq and darbuka in Brussels and Ghent.

Célestin Massot

Born in Brussels, Célestin Massot trained among others at the Liège Conservatory in classical percussion as well as at the Brussels conservatories in rhythm and jazz piano.
His career led him to collaborate with many musicians: Nathalie Loriers, Gerrit Nulens, Muriel Kouyaté, Simon Leleux, Osvaldo Hernandez, Laurence Mekhitarian, Joao Lobo …
Ranging from jazz to contemporary or Cuban music, a varied approach to the stage constitutes his identity: he collaborates in particular as a percussionist and pianist in numerous artistic productions with the ensemble Ictus, the play “the attack”, the circus company Be Flat, the groups Tambora, Surprises du Chef, Hands In Motion, Jean Seb…

"Si vous avez envie de voyager, besoin d’un peu d’exotisme ou plus prosaïquement si vous êtes fan de percussions… cet album est pour vous!"
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"The last doubts become taken away, this is a great quality that even a layman like me with open mouth and occasionally closed eyes has thoroughly enjoyed" [translation from Dutch]
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SPOT ON. Hands In Motion: «Het feit dat percussie centraal staat in onze muziek is uniek»
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"Ca groove, ca fascine en une sorte de transe qui nous transporte"
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"Hands in Motion", le trio de percussionnistes belges vient de sortir son premier album

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'SIGNALEMENT x Fnack Foxus' includes Hands in Motion
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“They immediately take you into their universe without musical boundaries”
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"A unique album, Dawn provides for a harmonizing of mind and body within the entire sphere of their music"
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Didier Mélon invites Simon Leleux to present the album Dawn
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Robbe Kieckens invited to present the album Dawn
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'New Music From Belgium' includes Hands in Motion
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Belgian Music Selection #027 includes Hands in Motion
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“Trance-inducing, otherworldly percussion music in the cadence of a healthy human heart at rest”
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  • Simon Leleux // darbuka, doholla, soundscapes
  • Robbe Kieckens // bendir, riqq, set up
  • Célestin Massot // hang, kalimba, keyboard





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